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Northeast Reel has a number of custom designed stocking programs to provide a real just-in-time advantage. We consider ourselves partners with our customers and we strive to surpass their ever changing needs.

Option #1 - Make and Hold

This stocking program is designed for large customers with a continuous order flow. Northeast Reel will drill, assemble, pallatize, and inventory LTL and full trailer load reels. Wouldn't it be great to have product available for shipments in minutes or hours?

Option #2 - Predrill and Hold

This stocking program capatilizes on customers who have medium to high usage, but do not have a continuous order flow or firm release dates. The advantage of this program is to have wood flanges predrilled and inventoried to meet a 2 - 5 day lead time to assemble and ship your custom reels.

Option # 3 - Material Commitment

This program allows customers to 'hold' or commit to certain grades of wood based on size and thickness. With this program, Northeast Reel will assure you that the wood material is inventoried and ready to start the manufacturing process in just a few days. If you current supplier doesn't have your material, call us... I bet we do!

Most of these programs are available at 'No-Charge'!

Shouldn't your company take advantage of our warehousing and manufacturing capabilities?

Contact Northeast Reel today to find out how a reel supplier should be...

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